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Are you looking solution to fix AOL Email Not Working with Outlook? Don't worry! Here, Our AOL Email Supports Technical experts to fix AOL Email Not Working in MS outlook issue. Many people use AOL email, which is one of the many email programs available for various operating systems and offered by many firms. However, the AOL email account, which stores a large number of critical emails and other files, is quite popular. This makes email management a little more difficult. To resolve the issue, just dial our toll-free number, we will provide you eminent solutions to resolve it.

Several Causes of AOL Mail Not Working with Outlook Error

1. Internet connection is insufficient

2. Incorrect AOL Password

3. Service Disruption

4. Browser incompatibility

5. Malfunctioning Hardware and Software

Solutions - How to Fix AOL Email Not Working in Outlook?

Solution 1: Update your AOL email account's password in Outlook.

  • Change AOL Mail Password on the web-based AOL email service? You'll need to do it in Outlook.

  • Double-click the Microsoft Outlook shortcut on your computer's desktop to activate the application.

  • From the list of configured email accounts, select your AOL email account.

  • Select the option to adjust your email account information and to change your existing password.

  • This will resolve the problem with AOL email in the Outlook app.

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Solution 2: Check the server's settings

  • In the top-left corner of the Outlook app, select "File."

  • In the left-hand panel, click on Info, then Account Settings.

  • In the pop-up window, select your AOL email account from the Email tab and click Change.

  • Verify that the incoming and outgoing server settings have been entered correctly in the Server Information section.

  • Logon Information contains a Password field.

  • Go to the Outgoing Server tab by clicking the More Settings button in the bottom-right corner.

  • Ensure authentication is required for my SMTP outgoing server by checking the box.

  • In the Advanced tab, check the Ports field for both the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers to ensure they are configured correctly.

  • From the drop-down menu that says Use the following type of encrypted connection, select SSL or TLS if you've chosen that option.

  • Select the Test Account Settings tab by clicking OK and selecting it.

  • Updating your Outlook app may fix AOL Email Not Working in Outlook even after you've configured the correct server settings

In this article, we've covered everything you need to know about AOL email not working with Outlook. This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the world today. This issue was caused by several factors, which we discussed in detail. Also, the problem of AOL Mail Not Working in MS Outlook can be easily fixed. AOL Mail Issue can be resolved by contacting AOL Email Supports +1(866)257-5356 is our toll-free number where you can reach us immediately.

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