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Why You Need AOL Help For Recover AOL Password

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Here we will learn How to recover AOL password without an alternative email and phone number. AOL is a leading provider of email services and is a multimedia company. You can simply write, receive and send emails to any other email accounts by using this email service. In general, AOL is a very secure email account, but you can still face some login or hacking problems sometimes. The error is not on the part of AOL, as you need to be careful about the security of your account. The secret to your social privacy is the AOL password, and it is your responsibility to protect it. It will secure your account from malicious users, so your priority will always be to use a strong and unique password.

· At regular time intervals, you must keep change AOL mail password.

· Always maintain the recovery information of your account correct and updated.

· Never share with even the most trustworthy individual your account data.

· In this guide, you will learn about different ways in which recover AOL mail password and make it more secure and untouchable to hacking cases.

Recover your Forgot AOL Mail Password? Try These Quick Steps to Recover

To be an AOL registered owner, each time you try to access it, you will encounter many challenges.

In case you do not have any phone, number registered with AOL to recover your password, you can follow the steps below on "How to recover AOL password without phone number".

· Go to the home page for AOL.

· Select 'I have forgotten my password'

· Send your "username" or "Email Address" on the password verification page.

· In the image, type the letters and numbers in the "Word in Image" window.

· Next click.

· Select any of the options that appears to your information.

· Click on "Submit".

· Please provide the email address and password you required at the time of registering.

· Or, you can select your "Date of Birth" from the drop-down menu, select your "Sex" and then type in the "Zip Code" you give at the time of registration.

· In the "Your Answer" box, type the answer to your account security question.

· Click on "Submit".

· Now, in both boxes, choose and type your new password.

· Click on "Continue".

How to Set A New Password? - Tips for Setting a New Password

Here are some good tips that guide you to safer and stronger AOL password:

· Never include your name or phone number in the password.

· Make sure that special characters were included in the password, either at the start and at the end.

· For any social or email account you have, do not use the same password.

· To make it more complicated, you can also leave out spaces between words.

· Make sure you keep things easy so that you don't forget about it at any time.

· You can keep your password updated a few days after that.

· Never save any of the web browsers with your account details.

· A longer password is always seen as a safer and more secure password.

All these tricks, however, won't stop you from using keyloggers, so make sure you regularly run an antivirus scan.

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